Black Gold Jewelry For Beautiful Pieces

If you are looking to purchase jewelry for an investment or you are looking for a special precious metal for an engagement ring, you may have been enticed by the exotic look of black gold. It is not an actual form of gold, but rather a specially plated gold that can make for an interesting, attractive and sturdy piece of jewelry. Here is what you need to know before you begin shopping for black gold jewelry.

Any item of jewelry that is sold as such is not real gold turned into black. It is genuine gold, usually yellow, that is plated using black rhodium. A jeweler may attract buyers by offering such an interesting type of metal but understand that if you see it advertised it is only plated gold.

This does not mean that this type of jewelry is a bad investment to make. It does not mean that you should avoid buying it altogether. It simply means that the kinds of jewelry pieces you see for sale under this term are not some form of recently-unearthed precious metals.

A lot of people like the attention that black gold jewelry gets. Be aware that it is natural for even the best quality of ring or another piece of jewelry to fade over time. Reputable jewelers will offer to replate the piece for free every few years.

This metal can offer almost as much a return on itself as regular gold or silver. The value of metals fluctuates, but when gold goes up the value of black gold does, too. This is because it is, underneath the plating, genuine gold. Buy heavier weights of items to get the most value of all. Be sure that the gold underneath the rhodium is solid gold and is not itself plated.

If you do fall for a piece and buy it, you should be able to enjoy it for years. This metal makes stunning engagement and wedding rings. If you ever change your mind, you can have the finish plated with a different gold color. There is very little risk involved in buying this type of jewelry because it does have value, it is authentic gold and it can make even the simplest ring or pendant a true conversation piece.

Buy this type of metal from any reputable jeweler. If any jeweler tells you that you can get real black gold as far as it is a real metal, be wary. There is no such thing. This type of metal is always plated. As long as the jeweler discloses this to you while you are shopping around for a special piece, you can buy with confidence. You may just want to opt for a solid gold base instead of a plated gold base to get more value from the item in the future.

This type of metal is stunning and unique. With this basic information, you will able to buy a piece that brings you joy for many years.

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