Exquisite Turquoise Jewelry Stones

Turquoise is one of the most popular stones for jewelry of all types from bracelets and rings to pendants and earrings. There are many options available for the turquoise stones. Knowing what they are can be a great way to add another exquisite piece to a growing jewelry collection.

Turquoise jewelry is a major favorite not just because of its sky blue color but also because of its relative affordability when compared to other gemstones. There are variations of the stone which are marketed to buyers as turquoise but they actually dyed howlite.

A reputable jewelry dealer will disclose this to any buyer. It is the buyer’s preference if they only want to purchase turquoise jewelry that is authentic or if they are open to dyed howlite. There is nothing wrong with this type of stone. The only thing that would make it a problem is if the seller does not disclose this to the buyer. If the seller is claiming the dyed howlite to be authentic turquoise the buyer should double check before making a purchase.

The same thing can be said for dyed magnesite. It can make perfectly beautiful jewelry, but a seller must disclose this to a buyer. Dyed magnesite is an acceptable alternative to the real thing.

There are different hues that genuine stones come in such as a range of blues from light to dark. Turquoise can also be found in bright greens and dark greens which add a uniqueness to any piece of jewelry.

Most jewelry is found in New Mexico but there is also a good deal of beautiful and exquisite turquoise available in Mexico and in other states of the US like Arizona and Nevada. Being able to add stones from different mines is another way to expand on a beautiful collection of all kinds of jewelry.

Besides shopping for the specific type of jewelry to add whether it is a pendant or a ring, a shopper can also look for a specific type of gem. There are the Blue Gems, Kingman Gems and something that is known as the Sleeping Beauty Gem.

Blue Gems come from a mine in Nevada. This a durable stone that presents itself as light or deep blues. The mine is no longer operational, so jewelry made with this stone is particularly valuable.

The Kingman Stone is genuine Navajo turquoise found in Arizona. This stone has the traditional black veins that speckle the stone. There is an array of blues that this stone comes in, making it a diverse option to look for in any piece of jewelry.

A buyer who wants the stone to be more uniform in color without the black veining may wish to look for the Sleeping Beauty gem. This is also a very valuable stone because the mine where it comes from produces few stones. The colors tend to be light blue to medium blue.

There are many options for this beautiful stone. Use this information when making a purchase to add unique beauty to any collection.

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