How To Find Cheap Diamond Rings

Purchasing a diamond ring can set you back a few thousands of dollars. Did you know that an engagement ring costs an average of $4,000? If you want to get engaged, surprise your significant other with jewelry or purchase jewelry for yourself, there are plenty of more affordable options available. Here is how you can find cheap diamond rings.

Buy Used Jewelry

A lot of relationships don’t work out and it is not unusual to see people reselling engagement rings. You can purchase used jewelry directly from the owners or visit different pawn shops in your area. Online auctions are another good way to find affordable used diamond rings. Avoid purchasing used diamond rings that do not come with appraisal papers. It is usually safer to buy used jewelry from a pawn shop or a jewelry store rather than purchasing it directly from the owner. You can usually get very interesting prices on used diamond rings as long as you don’t mind pre-owned jewelry.

Get A Smaller Diamond

You can save on your engagement ring by learning a few things about how diamonds are priced. Just like everything else, jewelry prices obey the laws of offer and demand. Demand is particularly strong for diamonds with a one carat weight and for anything over. This means that diamonds with a weight that is just under one carat will be a lot more affordable and the size difference will be barely noticeable. Make sure you get a diamond with a well-executed cut since diamonds tend to look larger if the light is properly reflected.

Get A Slightly Flawed Diamond

A diamond with a few flaws will be more affordable than a stone with a higher grading. Diamonds are graded according to the quality of their cut, the purity of their color and whether or not there are visible flaws. You can save money by getting a diamond with a lower color grading like I, J or even K since they will still look good with a yellow gold setting. A diamond with small lines and inclusions will be less valuable but will still look great if the flaws can easily be hidden by the ring setting.

Don’t Follow Trends

Current trends include colored diamonds, floral accents, vintage-inspired designs and pear-shaped and marquise cut diamonds. You can find cheap diamond rings by avoiding current trends or by shopping for last year’s trends. Classics like round cut and princess cut diamonds are very easy to find and being able to shop around means you will be more likely to find a good deal. Stay away from trends unless you really want a specific style that is popular right now.

There are different ways to save on diamond rings, including shopping for used jewelry, avoiding trends and opting for smaller or slightly flawed diamonds. Take the time to shop around to get a better idea of what you can get with your budget and make sure you get a diamond ring that comes with grading and appraisal papers.

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