Why I Love Jewelry And So Do Many Others

The type of personal adornment worn can reveal a lot about a person. In ancient times, jewelry consisted of feathers, shells, river stones or wood as well as leather and bones from animals. Since time immemorial man has always sought after elements that are rare, elegant and beautiful to articulate emotions or to express a deeper awareness.

Today, the creation of beautiful jewelry is influenced by a diverse range of desires, for example, to attain and express social status, for self-expression, and to express feelings of love and devotion. While many wear specific jewelry to communicate their desires, others simply enjoy the beauty of precious gemstones and metals or to enhance a particular look. I love jewelry and so many other do for so many reasons and we will go over just a few of these reasons.


Often we are attracted by a unique color or design of a piece of jewelry which we desire to own exclusively for ourselves. New and radiant elements that shine and dazzle us with their brilliance have the power to entice us with a desire to own it and who it off.


Certain jewelry reminds us of a special person, a promise or a special time spent with someone dear to us. Remembering these times makes us happy or sad and somehow provides us with comfort and protection. Lover’s tokens and heirlooms are some examples and a special necklace can simulate a breastplate that provides protection.

In a highly competitive world where high fashion dictates the latest trends we sometimes feel compelled to make ourselves stand out and be recognized as unique and different. A unique piece of jewelry can help to boost our confidence and make us feel more special and important. Jewelry can send a message about the one who is wearing it without uttering a single word.

To Get Noticed

One of the most important aspects of wearing jewelry has always been to attract the opposite sex. Part of being human is our desire for love, relationships and a mate. Jewelry helps to enhance our appearance so that we may be noticed by a potential lover.


Throughout the history of the world jewelry has been used to tell unique stories about those who wore spectacular adornments that became symbolic of their lives. Those symbols still appear in the modern designs of jewelry today.

Creativity and Individualism

The body can be used as a creative outlet and the choice and combination of jewelry as the art. A person’s body is a blank canvas adorned by creative clothing and accessories to express individualism and creativity, and jewelry plays a big part in this expression which shines through and speaks to others.


For some meditation and ritual as preparation for facing their world includes the process of selecting the right jewelry. The intentional and deliberate form of self-adornment is a form of assembled art and assists in focusing on the subject at hand.

When it comes to the reasons why I love jewelry, it is self evident – who doesn’t enjoy the magnificent beauty found in precious gemstones, fine metals and brilliant diamonds? And that is why jewelry will always be an important part of our existence for as long as we live.

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